Workshop DataViRtualisatie, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Workshop DataViRtualisatie, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Workshop Data ViRtualization (in English if needed)

by Erik Fransen e.a. – Centennium

For the Data Circle, community within the the VcV Alumni community of Nyenrode, we organize a workshop Data ViRtualisation.

In order to effectively manage the changing need for data, it is not just about flexibility, creativity, perseverance and experience. It is also about the right equipment.

With Data ViRtualization you get access to multiple and varied data sources. It offers your data sets and IT-managed data services for virtually any analytical solution.

During this workshop you, as Data & Analytics manager, architect, analyst, data scientist a.o., will experience how you can work smartly, quickly and safely with data. Based on presentation, demos, recent examples and an interactive workshop the current value of data virtualization will be explained and will tell you about the advantages, possibilities and challenges. You will be updated in just one evening.

The program looks like this:
18.00 – 18.30 Reception including sandwiches
18:30 – 20.30 Vision on Data ViRtualization, Demo, Customer Case & Workshop
20.30 – 21.30 Closing with drinks

Do you want to participate, but you are not a VCV member, please send a mail to Jaap de Roos (jaap.deroos@dataconnected.nl) and he will contact you about the payment.


MUST KNOW | The 7 reasons for an Agile architecture with Data Virtualization

Modern organizations understand the importance of current, fast and cost-efficient processes. You also see that innovative companies are busy with the application of technological developments and the mapping of innovations (Process Mining, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud, IoT, SDN) that fundamentally change data management. Erik Fransen mentions 7 reasons why Data Virtualization is the answer to the professional who is concerned with improving and renewing the business.

REALTIME USE | The vision and methodology of the data architect

During the live demonstration Antoine Stelmashows you how you can combine data from different sources and use it in real time. With out of the box integrations and unique features (security, cashing, smart queries).

HOW TO USE | Data Virtualizationlessens from practice

Learn from the process, the challenges and the approach of organizations that preceded you in the Financial Services and/orHealthcare*/Trade & Industry and experience how you can merge (Big) Data that is distributed within and outside your organization and that you can use it in real time through Data Virtualization.

Q & A | Plea for Data Virtualization

Speak with a drink and a snack. A great opportunity to ask your questions and discuss your own use case.

Start evenement:
14 sep 2018 – 18:00
Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Straatweg 25

3621 BG Breukelen

20.00 EUR
30.00 EUR
15.00 EUR
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